Copic - Sketch Fine Nibs, 3 pk

Copic - Sketch Fine Nibs, 3 pk

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SKETCH FINE is the new exclusive optional nib for Copic Sketch developed to expand your artistic expression.

  • This slightly firm, thin nib can be attached to Copic Sketch only.
  • Fits light gray end (Medium Broad nib side) of Copic Sketch.
  • The absorption of ink into this nib will be slower than other nibs. Take enough time.

** Due to manufacturer restrictions, Copic Items can only be shipped to the USA and Canada (excluding the island of Oahu, Hawaii). **

Customer Reviews

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Best item ever!

Recently bought these for my favorite pens and then came back and got more. I will continue replacing the wide end of my Copics for the small tip end! Now I can use both ends!

Vicky Hattingh
Best Alternative

When Copic released the Sketch version markers, they added the useless Medium Broad nib opposite the brilliant Brush nib. I’ve been slowly replacing all my broad nibs with these fine nibs to get the most use out of my Copics.

Cynthia C Ward
A Good Value

I haven’t had a chance to use these yet. I plan on changing out the chisel tips of my Sketch Markers with these fine nibs. They will be great for coloring small images. The price at this shop is very good.

Robyn Sakai
Excellent product

I use COPIC sketch markers and color a lot of small designs. This nib does the job.
Only downside is there are only three nibs in the pack.

Daniel Lee
Slight improvement over wedge tip for my purposes

I do a lot of small scale drawing so I ordered these & have slowly been replacing the wedge tips on my Copic Sketch markers as I use them. They let me get just a teensy bit more detailed than with the standard nib. It's too bad there is no option for a nylon brush nib...

The fine nib is sold in sets of 3, but the larger sets have as many as 72 markers so its regrettable that copic doesn't sell them in bulk for artists updating their entire collection.

Susan Sabers

I am replacing the chisel tip nib with this nib in all my copic sketch markers. A lot of the coloring I do is in small spaces and these are perfect for that. Really easy to change the nibs, I watched a quick video on you tube how to replace these, they have instructions on the copic website as well. I bought the copic tweezers that were recommended as well and I'm glad I did. My chisel nibs were stuck in there pretty good and took a little bit of coaxing to get them out, the tweezers made it much easier to get a good hold on the nib.