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EK Tools - Powder Tool

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The perfect tool to deactivate stickers! A little powder on the back of a sticker will deactivate it for multiple uses on your projects. The powder tool will prevent sticker adhesive from adhering to projects. Great for adding dimension to sticker art using 3-D Dots.

Also great to use before heat embossing! It ensures the embossing powder sticks only to your ink so you get clear, crisp images every time!

Approximately 1.5 x 5 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Valeri Balaz
EK Tools-Powder Tool

Does NOT work as intended. Very frustrating to use.

Marilyn Mathis

Very useful

Cecilia Forester

Finally took the plunge and purchased this and am so glad I did. Up to now, I’ve been using my own make-shift baby powder in a knee high hosiery and a kabuki brush! What a mess. Anyway, this works so much better as far as effectiveness - and it’s less messy! I love the scented powder they use and not sure it’s just plain old baby powder cause it did so much better of a job. Anyway, it’s refillable once i finally go through it all. Much smaller than expected, but it works great and gets the job done so much faster. No stray embossing powder here anymore. My only con is i think they could’ve made the brush a little nicer.


Wish I knew it was scented. It's not unpleasant but it can be strong. Does It's job of removing adhesive just fine.

Marlee King
Seems to work

This sounds dumb, but I had the hardest time getting the cap off. I finally watched a Youtube video to see how that person opened hers. It finally did snap off, but it is very firm at first.

Otherwise, the product seems to do what it is supposed to do. I've used it with several embossing projects and so far, so good. I wonder if just dusting with baby powder and a makeup brush would work just as well (the tool is filled with baby powder), but this is a handy and ergonomic package.

Sandra Heitman
Static Free Embossing

This tool is fantastic. No more stray embossing powder on your project. It's wonderful and easy to use.