Nuvo - Embossing Powder - Silver Moonlight

Nuvo - Glitter Embossing Powder - Silver Moonlight

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The Nuvo Embossing Powders are a simple way of adding depth to your projects, taking them to the next level with a glossy dimensional finish. The range includes four textured Glitters, with 22ml inside each pot. The popular Gold and Silver powders create a highly metallic gilded effect, and the Clear Powder finishes your design with glossy, transparent details. Use a stamp with ink, apply the embossing powder, apply heat and create beautiful 3D imagery.

Add a touch of sparkle with Silver Moonlight and its silver glitter.

22ml/0.7fl.oz bottle

  • Great for stamping
  • Glossy dimensional finish
  • Gold & Silver create beautiful gilded effects
  • Clear powder creates a watermark effect