Pinkfresh Studio - Stencils - Delicate Foliage

Pinkfresh Studio - Stencils - Delicate Foliage

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2 piece layering stencil set made to coordinate with the Delicate Foliage stamp set, Delicate Foliage hot foil plate and Delicate Foliage die set.

There is a separate stencil for each layer, with guidelines on each stencil for perfect alignment when using alone. When using the stencils with the stamped image you will forego the alignment guides, and instead align each layer to the stamped images. While you can use them without the stamped or foiled image for a more abstract look, this set is more complete with the coordinating outline image found in the stamp set or hot foil plate.

Stencil design measures approximately 4 ¼” x 5 ½”