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Spellbinders - New Tool 'n One
Spellbinders - Tool 'n One
Spellbinders - Tool 'n One

Spellbinders - Tool 'n One

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The New & Improved Tool 'n One has a brand new look and a new tip! The beautiful new white and bronze coloring perfectly coordinates with your Platinum or Platinum 6 Die Cutting Machines. The tool now comes with the consumer-preferred angled piercer, in addition to the brush head and straight piercer. The angled piercer is perfect for poking out paper bits and removing the paper backing off adhesive. Just like the original, the brush head easily removes paper pieces from dies and die cuts, and the straight piercer is perfect for poking out stubborn chads, or adding piercing elements to your projects. Swapping tips is easy, and the handy storage in the center of the tool keeps your extra tips protected. This is the must have tool for die cutters!

Tool Includes:

  • Tool in One
  • Brush Tip - Easily clean the tiniest paper bits from etched dies.
  • Straight & Angled Piercing Tips - Clean out chads left in dies, separate backing from adhesives or paper pierce designs.

Approximate Size:
1.25 x 9.875 in