Simple Shadows with Copic Markers by Emelly

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Step 1: sketch out your model on your desired paper (I used a canson XL mix media sketchbook)


Step 2: begin to line your figure with the Sakura pigma micron 03 pen in the color black, then erase any pencil


Step 3: add light shadows with Copic sketch cotton pearl


Step 4: blend the shadows inward with copic sketch pale fruit pink


Step 5: add color to the eyes with Copic original frost blue


Step 6: add shadows to the eyes with Copic sketch ash lavender and blend both colors using Copic’s frost blue


Step 7: fill in hair with Copic sketch milk chocolate, layer the same color to create simple shadows to create a more 3D affect


Step 8: add deep shadows to ripples in the dress with Copic sketch ash rose, flicking out the edges to create a softer shadow


Step 9: use Copic sketch cherry white to blend the shadows more and to give the dress a off-white hue


Step 10: add white highlights to the eyes with Signo Uni-Ball Impact Gel Pen - White


Step 11: optional- add background shadows with Copic sketch C2 too add dimension to finished drawing

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Supplies used :

Copic E00 SKU: E00-s
Copic E000 SKU: E000-s
Copic B00 SKU: B00-c
Copic V22 SKU: V22-s
Copic E27 SKU: E27-s
Copic E70 SKU: E70-s
Copic R000 SKU: R000-s
Copic C2 SKU: C2-s
Canson XL mixed media sketchbook

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